Kites provide a nurturing, positive, and exciting addition to any community. Kites can be an important aspect of education. They have a long and strong history in the working and scientific community. Kites appear in song, dance, and art through-out history.

Kite Festivals are an exceptional addition to any community. They provide important cultural diversity. They bring in tourists while also providing family entertainment for the locals. Kite Festivals encourage team work and independent thinking while introducing a variety of customs and activities to students and spectators alike.

Kites make great additions to almost any situation. Our local zoo had animal shaped kites make from paper and bamboo hanging in the reptile house.

These days museums, science centers, aquariums, scouts, camps, clubs, assisted living, hospitals and even Hospice has utilized kites in one way or another. Some provide kite making workshops, some use kites as decoration. 

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