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Welcome to Aeolus Curricula

Aeolus Curricula is a dynamic, not-for-profit organization that uses the excitement and uniqueness of kites to teach a variety of subjects, to various grade levels and abilities.

Aeolus Curricula is also a community based organization that thrives on promoting cultural diversity, physical activity and critical thinking skills needed in today's world. For over 25 years Aeolus Curricula has produced award winning international kite festivals, corporate team building programs, and has worked towards eliminating socio-economic barriers to kite-flying through recycling and re-use programs.

Aeolus Curricula uses kites as an exciting, inspirational, inter-active, hands-on instrument that is perfect for:

  • Aiding teachers and students in every subject and grade level
  • Assisting the community in combating the obesity epidemic
  • Bringing awareness to the environment & ecology through recycling
  • Finding common ground while encouraging cultural diversity
  • Bridging the generations at Nursing Homes with kites
  • Using Kites to open minds and hearts about Hospice Education

Aeolus Curricula dedicated to
'making the world better through kites'